Our Transparent Pricing Starts Here

Here's how it works. We provide a transparent pricing model for all our services. Unlike most nutritionists that charge $150-$225 JUST TO MEET WITH YOU, we give you the first consult for free. That's right. Because you need to make an informed decision and you also need money for groceries. We are so confident in our nutritional approach that we don't have to price gouge you. We give you the tools, you do the work. So why should we charge you out the wazoo?

When you decide to sign up, you will be given a comprehensive analysis packet that you will complete on your own time, not ours. So that saves you money. When you are done, you send it back to us for analysis and we set up a collaborative appointment with you.

You decide how often you need our services. Highly disciplined folks and people who've been successful in the program for a while usually only need an appointment every 3-6 months. People who need a bit more accountability, help, or who are new to the program will likely need more frequent visits. Again, we don't charge you $70-$100 per session like most nutritionists because, again, we are not monsters. 

And if you are interested in personal training and coaching services to add on, we can help you  through either our own coaches and trainers or one of our partners.


Always Free

Initial Consultation

This is a free 30 minute consult where we will cover your goals, obstacles, and habits. We will determine the best path forward and make sure we are a good fit for each other before you spend any money.


Additional Family Members & Support Crew

You are more successful if everyone in your household supports and understands your journey. That's why we don't charge you extra for your family members to join your sessions. Or even a trainer, close friend, or other health practitioner. Just be aware that additional people mean you either have to come in your sessions with laser focus or you may want to plan for additional time.


Comprehensive Planning Session

Price is per block (50-60 minutes). Most people are good with one block, others need longer times. We prorate your price on a half-hour basis if you need more than 1 block.


Ongoing Nutrition Sessions

Price is per block (50-60 minutes). Most people are good with one block, others need longer times. We prorate your price on a 15 minute basis if you need more than 1 block.



Price is per 15 minute block. If you don't need a full-blown session or you need a longer session, we prorate the cost for you. Because that's how things should be.


Integrated Lifestyle Coaching

Plans start at $25 per session (45 minutes). We customize all our plans based on what health goals you want to accomplish and customize the price to match.

NOTE: Nutrition Coaching is not included in this plan.

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