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If you like real talk, real experience, and a real life then Kasey CO is for you. There are too many barriers and excuses that prevent people from living the life they envision for themselves. So we aim to be accessible, realistic, and affordable. We also like puns, sarcasm, and taboo topics. We believe our legacy continues through sharing fact and science-based knowledge with a good sense of humor. Yes, we actually base our methods on science and not what's trending for the followers. We aren't here to make you cult groupies, we're here to give you the uncensored tools to make smart decisions for yourself...and give extra guidance for those of you whose strengths lie outside of intellect. We could charge you a lot, but we'd rather you use the money you save to enter that race you always wanted, buy that new bike, or take your family on a new adventure. We can't take our money with us when we die and we're pretty sure we can't take yours either. So join a community that cares, has fun, and wants to make your health and wellness goals achievable!

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Our Story

Kasey CO has been around since 2006, operating under different names. Kasey's had, like, 3 different names herself...so it's no surprise.

Kasey is an athlete, an adventurer, a mentor, and a coach.  She also lives with a rare autoimmune condition that almost cost her life. In 2014, her body began shutting down. Medical tests showed a severe, systemic autoimmune disease that was beginning to shut down her organs. Doctors immediately began traditional medicine interventions, but the attack progressed rapidly and she was not responding to treatment. Faced with this harsh truth, she wanted to enjoy the simple pleasures she lost touch with over the years while busy pursuing a “successful” life. She bought a $20 used mountain bike to ride down her dirt road, despite only having 52% remaining lung function. That first ride was only a quarter mile, but it felt like much more. Day after day, the rides got a little longer, the hills seemed a little less steep, and she felt a little more like herself. After a few weeks, doctors noticed a slight improvement in her lab results. They encouraged her to keep up whatever she was doing, so she continued to bike every day. She read everything she could and utilized her existing knowledge of sports and nutrition to develop an autoimmune-friendly nutritional plan. Within six weeks, her lab results were drastically improving and approaching normal. Within three months, doctors took her off all medications and she was maintaining normal lab results. She was also biking over twenty miles at a time and running up to three miles at a time. Being told she would never be able to run more than a mile again only fueled her. As of today, she has become a competitive cyclist sponsored by several reputable companies. She is set to ride over 7,510 miles in 2020 to raise money for outdoor charities, has run multiple half-marathons, and frequently rides 60-100 miles at a time. She has been able to regain and maintain her health without prescription medications through positive lifestyle, nutritional, and exercise habits.

“Considering my personal success with the practical application of nutrition, I have a deep-seeded passion for helping others attain their health and fitness goals. I have a career worth of unique qualifications in the health and wellness industry and I have fresh approaches to helping people transition to and maintain an active lifestyle. Above all, I strive to teach balance, a sense of humor, and a life purpose to others. I am able to inspire others because I have a genuine connection to my passion for recreation and nutrition. I am able to utilize my public safety experiences to ease fear, my medical instructor background to teach the science of the human body in a fun and understandable way, and my recreational instructor experiences to create fun environments where people are happy, open-minded, and ready to thrive.” –Kasey McClurg


Kasey McClurg, PhD Stu., CPT, CNC

Founder and Chief Badass

Kasey has always been a bit of a misfit. And that's OK! She started working in health and fitness in 2006 where she was a personal trainer, physical therapy assistant, and sports massage therapist. She has worked with professional athletes (hockey guys are hunky!), people with disabilities, and "Average Joe." Utilizing her health and fitness base, she has worked with public health and safety agencies, nonprofit healthcare organizations, parks and wildlife, and is a first responder.

She takes a lot of pride in being an EMT and instructs in several disciplines including wilderness medicine. So if you go too hard on your workout, she's really good at CPR. But that will be hands only for you Sandlot imposters.

She is a PhD student at Saybrook University in Functional and Integrative Nutrition and went to the University of Texas for her Bachelor's in Behavioral Economics (2010) before getting a Masters from the University of Denver in Environmental Science (2014).

Kasey also is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)  and Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is a Level 3 Cycling Coach for USA Cycling, and has a bunch of weird instructor certifications in fishing, hunting, archery, and more. Oh, and did you know she is an ice rescue technician? Cue Ice Ice Baby.  

Kasey is extremely passionate and cares about giving back to the community, providing quality information and guidance, and helping others achieve their greatness. 

Favorite Movie Quote:

"It's my fancy sauce."

-Brennan Huff, Step Brothers


Jimmy Alexander

Disc Golfer Extraordinaire 

Regular Guy Disc Golf

Jimmy is a US Army Veteran and has served as an adventure guide and coach across the USA. He is one of the top Disc Golf athletes in the Pikes Peak Region and can be seen wading through Fountain Creek looking for a lost disc. He is a former EMT and is doing graduate coursework as an Athletic Trainer. He's also our resident craft beer enthusiast.

Jimmy has a Bachelor's from Central Michigan in Outdoor Recreation. He has worked across the country as a whitewater raft guide, mountain bike instructor, and most notably, a rock climbing instructor and guide. 

He also throws frisbees real good. 

Favorite Movie Quote:

"Oh, Big Gulps, huh? Alright! Welp, see ya later!"

-Lloyd Christmas, Dumb and Dumber


Matt Jones

Master of the MTB

Hey y’all! I’m a full time photographer in the cycling industry as well as an extremely avid mountain bike racer. I think I started racing around 12 years old, and 11 years later I’m still going strong! Nothing quite compares to the feeling of adrenaline and flow that being on a good race run brings me. Training for these fleeting moments has always been a balancing act while working full time, but finding that balance is immensely easier when I can fuel up and recover from workouts and workdays with proper nutrition. This year I was looking to put in a full season of Enduro racing in both the Big Mountain Enduro Series and the Revolution Enduro Series, but like everyone in the times of Coronavirus, I’m adapting as best as I can to a constantly changing race schedule and working my training around ever shifting goals and doing the best I can to stay healthy and strong!

Favorite Movie Quote:

"You are who you choose to be"

-Hogarth Hughes, The Iron Giant

200711_EMW9898 (1).jpg

Elizabeth Wilcox


Heading 2

Katy Smith

Badass Backpacker

Katy is a US Army Veteran and backpacker extraordinaire. To Katy, being a badass is showing up confident and ready for a challenge (even if that challenge is as small as ACTUALLY waking up early and walking a short distance in the sunrise hours). Not only does she kick ass when it comes to guiding trips, but she is a part of her local Search and Rescue team where she flexes some serious skills! After her time serving in the Army, Katy moved to Colorado and spent time as a river guide as she re-connected with nature. She operates Intentional Adventures, where she leads wellness-focuses wilderness adventures that facilitates mindfulness and connection in the wilderness. 

Favorite Movie Quote:

Uh, who has time for favorite movie quotes when you're out writing lines for your own life?


Katie Blair

Sensational Swimmer

Katie is our German swimming phenomenon! She is a Psychotherapist, mother of a teenager, and self-proclaimed tiny zookeeper. Not only is is finishing her PhD in Performance Psychology, but she is also authoring a book, "Lessons from the Water." All this in addition to preparations for her next marathon swim attempt...the St. Lucia Channel!

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