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Real Nutrition for Real People

Basically we are like marriage counselors for your relationship with food. We won't only suggest salad and water. Unless that's your thing. You can have a nutritious life and still have cheeseburgers and beer. Come with us and we can show you how (insert The Shining girls in blue dresses).

We are advocates for the everyday person. The weekend warriors. The basic bitches. The DIYers and Do Your Besters. We start with nutrition and build a health, fitness, and wellness platform around your lifestyle, your needs, and your activity goals. And we aren't assholes that will charge you ridiculous amounts for our services. Insurance sucks. Big corporations suck. So we try not to suck.

With free initial consultations and plans starting over 60% less than the average nutritionist or trainer, we shove off being greedy and put you first. You work hard for your paycheck. You work hard for your goals. You work hard for your family. We respect that and we respect you.

Find out why we do all this good stuff by reading our story or get started now by signing up for your free initial consultation!

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IT Consulting

Nutrition Coaching

Arguably the most important aspect of your health, wellness, and athletic performance is nutrition. We offer an array of nutritional coaching and guidance to help you navigate this "get thin quick" world of fad diets and garbage. Our aim is to make your nutrition and health goals attainable. We hate salad, too. So we try to get creative while still helping you reach your goals. Some suffering may be required.

Integrated Lifestyle Coaching

We create a customized, functional, and integrated lifestyle program based on the most cutting-edge science to help you accomplish your health goals, regardless of your current ability level.  We are a flawed group of people who know how to make programs that work for other beautifully flawed people.

Professional Consultations, Events, and Classes

Sometimes you just need someone outside of your own head. We offer consulting services, do a ton of public events, and Kasey loves public speaking (always such a weirdo!). If you think there is some way we can help you, your organization, or your event, reach out and we will meet up!

About Kasey CO

If you like real talk, real experience, and a real life then Kasey CO is for you. There are too many barriers and excuses that prevent people from living the life they envision for themselves. So we aim to be accessible, realistic, and affordable. We also like puns, sarcasm, and taboo topics. We believe our legacy continues through sharing fact and science-based knowledge with a good sense of humor. Yes, we actually base our methods on science and not what's trending for the followers. We aren't here to make you cult groupies, we're here to give you the uncensored tools to make smart decisions for yourself...and give extra guidance for those of you whose strengths lie outside of intellect. We could charge you a lot, but we'd rather you use the money you save to enter that race you always wanted, buy that new bike, or take your family on a new adventure. We can't take our money with us when we die and we're pretty sure we can't take yours either. So join a community that cares, has fun, and wants to make your health and wellness goals achievable!

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Our Team

Kasey McClurg, PhD S.

Founder and Chief Badass

Kasey focuses on endurance athletes of all ability levels. She is a PhD Candidate in Integrated & Functional Nutrition, Certified Personal Trainer, Wilderness EMT Instructor, USA Cycling Coach, Archery Instructor, and whiskey enthusiast. She's full of heart and even more full of sarcasm. And almost as full of tattoos.

Katy Smith

Badass Backpacker

Katy is a US Army Veteran in addition to being a sponsored Kasey CO athlete. Katy has forged her way into further badassery by operating Intentional Adventures, where she blends elements of mindfulness, awareness, and connection through her guided trips. When she isn't on the trail for herself, Katy is a volunteer Search & Rescue Technician. Talk about badass...

Jimmy Alexander

Disc Golfer Extraordinaire 

Jimmy is a US Army Veteran and has served as an adventure guide and coach across the USA. He is one of the top Disc Golf athletes in the Pikes Peak Region and can be found Sat-Fri at Widefield DG Park. He is a former EMT and is doing graduate coursework as an Athletic Trainer. He's more of a craft beer enthusiast.

Katie Blair, PhD C.

Swimming Sensation

Katie is our German swimming phenomenon! She is a Psychotherapist, mother of a teenager, and self-proclaimed tiny zookeeper. Not only is is finishing her PhD in Performance Psychology, but she is also authoring a book, "Lessons from the Water." All this in addition to preparations for her next marathon swim attempt...the St. Lucia Channel!

Matt Jones

Master of the MTB

Matt is our kick-ass mountain biker and sponsored Kasey CO athlete. When he isn't out shredding the gnar, Matt is a lens ninja, capturing arguably the most awesome cycling photos around. He's as fast on his bike as he is with his shutter speed. Seriously, his photos are sick (@mtjphoto) and he is planning on some big MTB race wins.


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